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Reddie® Knee Brace

Reddie Knee Brace


The DonJoy® Reddie® Brace is a 3mm neoprene wraparound knee brace. These least expensive knee braces combine the Rest and Compression of the "RICE" management of acute grade 1 ligament knee injury and it can be used throughout the usual six weeks of rehabilitation required after such a knee injury.

It is a good quality and cost effective option for your patients with grade 1 sprains and instabilities. The 0.32cm neoprene is ideal for patients who live in cold weather climates.

Please check that you have the size so it is correct before you choose. Click on the image for instructions on how to size the knee brace for your patient.
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DonJoy® Silicone Heel Cups

DonJoy Silicone Heel Cups


This pair of Donjoy Silicone Heel Cups is no different from any other high quality heel wedge but it is less expensive. Heel wedges help relieve discomfort and pain caused by, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and Achilles tendonitis. Recommended to help reduce shock and vibration loads to heels, hip and knee joints and lower back.

When you are recommending these to your patients do not forget to so that you can advise on whether to wear one on each side. Why not buy several pairs to avoid constant changing over for different shoes. The postage is the same for one pair as for four!

Click the image for more information on size and ordering....
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The DonJoy® Bracing Products include their world famous functional knee bracing, postoperative upper and lower limb bracing and a range of patellofemoral and osteoarthritis bracing. The products on these pages have been specially selected by to allow you to help your patient find the correct brace.

Please be reassured that for example when buying a wrist brace for a patient with wrist pain or a wrist injury you are purchasing a wrist support of the highest standard of manufacture for your patient. Even though the prices of the wrist braces are below those seen in high street chemists the quality is frequently higher.


The DonJoy®, Aircast and Procare Supports are in use globally. They are supplied by leading doctors, Consultants and Healthcare professionals. The supports on these pages include the world famous Aircast forearm braces for golfer's and tennis elbow.

New from the
- New 3D knitting technology
- Higher quality yarn for improved comfort + Higher quality finishing touches
- New design & new colors
- Class II compression level (FRA & GER Certification standards)
- The Knee Sleeves are shorter (approx 3-4 cm shorter)
All are easy for your patients to clean and care for.

There are ankle supports, elbow supports and knee supports in these pages. These minor injury rehabilitation products have been specially selected by

Don't let the small sprains become big problems in your patients recommend these simple latex free supports....

Cold Therapy & Cryotherapy

The Aircast Cryo/Cuff is the industry standard used by top physiotherapists and chiropractors worldwide. These products are the professional's preferred choice over bags of frozen peas and ice packs.

The products on these pages have been specially selected by for the treatment of acute knee injuries, acute ankle injuries, acute elbow injuries and orther joints. asked Dominic Cheetham about the importance of Ice Packs for Back pain. Dominic is a top Chiropractor in fashionable Knightsbridge in London. He has been featured in the Sunday Telegraph with how to cope with backache. His Chiropractic Practice is at Wilbraham Place in London.

Read what Dominic said on the Cryo Cuff for the back by clicking on "More...." on the Aircast Back/Hip/Rib Cryo/Cuff image.

Consider either the Dura*Soft® or the Donjoy ArcticFlow™ as a cost effective single patient alternative....


This section provides definations and explanations of some of the conditions our Braces and Supports are used for and the technology available.

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